I decided I might as well post each chapter of this once a week since this also has to be finished by the end of the term.

So here is the first chapter


Chapter 1 The city on the lake and a necromancer 

I zigzagged in and out of the gaps between the houses. Rushing my way to the tower. Everything around me was wooden.

Just a spark and the whole city could sink to the bottom of the lake. I thought cautiously.

My body was tilted straight forward and my arms were poised behind me as I dashed over the bridges.

Dragons helped build this, and they will help destroy it.

“Position?” I asked whilst holding the collar of my shirt close to my mouth.

“200 meters south 40 meters west of the target” His voice came back a bit crackly.

I spotted something darting around on the bridges east of me. I looked to the right and back towards the thing. I didn’t slow down. It was going the same speed as me, if not a bit faster. I moved my right hand down to the dagger sheathed in my left pocket and slowly began pulling it out. We came to a split in between the houses and the thing jumped at me. I barely dodged its 2 killer claws as they shot at my throat. It forced me to a halt as it towered over me. Its long snout full of sharp teeth were curved inward to grip onto its prey, me. I boosted to the left as its huge mouth slammed straight down. I jumped straight up into the air 10 meters and the thing jumped just as high. I spun mid-air and forced my heel straight down into its head. The force of the kick sent a shock wave as the beast was accelerated towards the wooden platform bellow. I landed on the roof of one of the small houses bellow me and scanned the dust. A huge hole opened up to reveal the dark ocean.

All clear.

I looked back at the tower and jumped down onto the bridges.

“Kaaa!” a high pitched screech made me drop to my knees in agony.

I turned my body back to the hole I had just made. The beast was staring me down victoriously. A small whimper came from behind it and a little girl had her legs pulled up to her chest and her face cradled by her knees. The beast grinned cruelly at me. It sprinted towards the girl and my dagger got stuck and the wind picked up and I finally pulled the dagger out and I threw it and then… Thud

“Oh thank god” I whispered with my hands on my knees and my head down.

The knife had struck it in the back of the head. I walked over to it as its body slowly dematerialized, particles floating up in a swirl to the sky. The girl was still cradling her body no more than an inch away from its deadly grasp. I knelt down beside her and patted her on the head gently.

“You’re safe now” My brief effort to calm her payed off.

She jumped up and hugged me and I noticed she isn’t as young as I first thought. She whispered a word that sounded like ‘Shine’ and ran off. I stood up shocked.

“No, it’s not possible” I said as I turned back to the tower.

“Master! Hello?!” The microphone blared.

“Yes Steven?” I answered.

“I’m positioned outside and readied”.

“Await my signal”.

I pulled the dragon bow from my back and inserted an ogre steel arrow into it. I took a deep breath and poised the bow at the tip of the tower. I activated Eagle eye and the distance and arch of the arrow popped up in front of me. The pillar began shining green and I raised the bow so the arrow arch reached the very tip. I took another deep breath and let my fingers slip off. The tip turned a bright blue and the arrow snared right into the tip. An explosion of electricity burst out of the top, striking out at the air around it.

“Hyaaa!” my apprentice’s battle cry roared out the tiny speaker.

The clash of swords echoed through the city.

“4 skeletal guards just as predicted master!”

“Understood” Everything is going as planned.

I dashed forward to the large tower doors and kicked them open, throwing a shudder through the entire building. 2 of the skeletons turned to my direction and launched themselves at me.

Well this will be annoying.

In one swift motion I dropped down, pulled out my daggers and sliced straight up across the skeletal guards’ bodies. They instantly scattered into hundreds of tiny white speckles like stars in the night sky. I spun my daggers with my fingers and slung them into the sheaths. My eyes starred into the mage’s eyes like a wolf to its prey. I launched myself at her as she raised her staff into the air about to chant a spell. Just before I reached her my apprentice launched over her, ripping the staff from her grasp. I pulled both her arms behind her and cuffed them. The metal ring shaped cuffs shot out little beams of blue magic into her wrists, holding them in place.

“Target is detained” Steven said.

I smiled at him as he turned my way and he smiled back. I turned back to look at her and my apprentice suddenly shouted.

“Master!” I watched out of the corner of my eye as he pounced onto me.

He ripped something attached to the back of my shirt and flung it towards the high up window and it shone and fired a red beam out of the black circle underneath it and it struck Steven right in the chest and cut a hole in the floor and the object exploded as he dropped to his knees and I skidded down behind him and caught him as he fell backwards and he looked up at me and in a weak voice whispered

“I’m sorry… Ky… Kyvok, I’ve f-failed you…”

And I felt him grow heavy in my arms and my heart dropped out of my chest and my hands started shaking and I knew who did this

“That girl… she, she was from SnowShine”


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