Story Chapter 2

Was busy today so didn’t have time to post this second chapter earlier. Bit shorter than the first, third and forth make up for it. Enjoy!


Chapter 2 A resolve

I knelt there in silence with my head bowed to the old giz. I heard him pat his plump belly and watched as he puffed smoke from his hairy lips.

“Very well” he beckoned me to rise. “To start a new adventure you must first finish the one you have already begun.”

My smile slowly faded.

“You look unpleased by this, your destiny is always a riddle to be solved. If it was not then it would not be worth a journey.”

A silence briefly overtook the room.

“heh heh heh” he chuckled as he got up off of the worn chair.

“Are you saying… I should reset?’ I asked him still holding my head down.

“Act on the first thing that crosses your mind. Overthink it and you will lose it.”

I pulled out a badge from my pocket. The badge of my guild. The guild I will avenge.

I clenched the badge as I thanked him and He did a slight nod.

“Justice and murder are two different things” he stated as I slipped out the door.


I pulled up my hood and disappeared into the crowd.

There is a chance I’ll keep some of my higher leveled abilities upon my reset and I could lose anywhere between 90% and 97% of my strength. That means I will need to undergo insane training to be able to use any of them without wrecking my body in the process.

I slipped out from the crowd and down a pathway sandwiched between limestone towers and mud brick huts. A cool gust blew my hood down, blasting me with a fresh smell of the ocean. I flung it back over my face and held it low.

I’ll be defenseless if I reset. I need to make it look like I died with him… well, I don’t think anyone else will deliver that information and we both will just be logged as missing. I can’t go to the guild and log us as dead. I’ll need to leave a message for Atwood.

“Time to disappear.”


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