Story Chapter 3

So here’s the third chapter. Not that big. About half the size of the first chapter. If you have title ideas for the book I’d love to hear them!

Will be posting the next comic page later tonight!


Chapter 3 If life had a restart button…

“I wish to reset” I told the lady at the desk, making sure to keep my voice down. She leaned forward onto the bench. She had golden hair pulled back into a pony tail at the back of her neck. She looked both ways around the room before looking back at me with her emerald eyes.

“What’s your name and level?” she asked me trying to get a glimpse of my face shrouded in the darkness of my hood.

“Daiman Atwood, 171. I’d like to resume a more simple life and spend more time with my wife.”

“I see. Dai-man At-wood.” She sounded out my name as she wrote it on the scroll.

The scroll rose off the desk and shone golden as it uploaded the information.

“Your reset will come into effect at midnight, I suggest you rest a few before you get use to your new level, specially from a jump like yours.”

I tilted my head to her and slid a bag of coins onto the desk as a tip before leaving.

I walked through the crowded streets of Calsley kingdom.

It’s been so long since I last came here. It’s a relief it isn’t as crowded as Burnside Front.

I sat down on a bench and took out a small book. From my opposite pocket I pulled out a pen and looked through my list.

Send note to Atwood, check. Reset anonymously, check. Just a few more things to go.

I slid the book back into my pocket and got up. I made my way towards the market, past the old church and behind the water fountain I was just sitting at. I went over to a stall called ‘Rainbow Hair’ and looked at the many different coloured potions set up elegantly in small boxes cradled by purple cloth.

“The colour of the flask is the colour your hair will be!” He bragged to me.

“Side effects?”

“Oh uh…” His voice went low, nearly that of a whisper. “Itchy skull and headache for the first few minutes.”

“How long does it last?”

“Over 4 months, and the potions don’t go off… Use it once a day for a week for a permanent change.”

“Good, I’ll take this blue then.”

“Very good sir! That’ll be 1 silver and 23 bronze.”

I fished through my bag for some silver coins and placed 2 onto the counter.

“Keep the change.” I told him before taking the potion and walking away.

Change hair colour, check. Time to see what abilities I’m left with tomorrow.

I found the closest haystack and flopped onto it. It was piled into a corner of the now empty square. I slid further into it, pulling some of the hay from bellow me to on top of me.

This brings back memories…

My eyelids dropped as my consciousness faded.


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