Been really busy, haven’t been able to do anything to put up here until now. This is just a smallish poem about perspective. Hoping I can add a bit more soon.

Are all colours just all the same?

Yellow, blue, green they are all just names

To describe something we can’t describe,

Something we had inscribed

Is that we all see the same colours

But few people recently decided that be wrong,

There are always others

With a different opinion to how a song

Affects how they feel, and what it means,

In the world we live in

It’s full of different things we all perceive differently and it seems

To us that it’s all actually real but what if this brown violin

Is green in one person’s eyes?

All our life we would be told

That blue is the colour of the vast skies

But if we all saw things the same way things would get old,

If we all had the same perspectives we would end up being bored

As we all snored in symmetry or never learn to be more evolved

So, are all our perspectives the same?


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