Here’s another poem I did recently. I’m hoping to be able to catch up with my story and comic soon. I recently got photoshop back on my laptop so when I remember how to use it my drawing should get better. Enjoy.

A utopia is a perfect world for everyone,

In reality, we would need a different world for each and every person

For some people it might be the bright sun

Overlooking the city of a different version

But a utopia can only be so perfect,

A world without the destruction of pollution,

A world without the many meaningless conflict,

A world where everyone helps come up with a solution,

This kind of utopia is one that I would get bored in,

And I have yet to perfect my own universe

But when I do it will make me grin

As I write it all down in a huge verse

It might not be something another will see as perfect,

But it is my utopia, my perfect and mine alone,

What’s my conclusion, should we reflect?

A utopia is your own perfect zone


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