Been busy with stuff still so haven’t been able to add too much to the story. I’ve better worked out the plot and built up the world a bit more. Here’s a poem I started a bit ago and finally finished.

Love is a weakness,

I realised this was how I felt

When I had written it down

As a weakness for both Romeo and Juliet,


So I thought about it


Anakin became a sith to protect

The person he loved the most,


Romeo and Juliet both kill themselves

Because they thought the other was dead,


When Nagisa died Tomoya dropped

He neglected Ushio


Love is a weakness,

Because of how much it impacts your life,

Because of how it influences your actions,

Because of how it ultimately kills you,

Both inside and out…



Love can also help you survive

It can help you push forward

It can help you do amazing things

When this happens love is no longer a weakness



Anakin kills Darth Sidious

To save his son Luke

Love wasn’t his weakness



Everyone’s love for Romeo and Juliet

Ended the feud between the two houses

Love wasn’t their weakness



Tomoya’s whole life changes

Because he finally starts being a proper father

Love wasn’t his weakness


But what does this conclude?

Love is a weakness…

Until you make it a strength


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