Character – Shadow

A while ago I thought up a really cool character – a guy who’s been alive for thousands of years while not aging, with special powers, etc. Recently I actually managed to get photoshop on my laptop again so I’ve started trying it out a bit. It is a bloody awesome tool for drawing, being able to select specific parts to edit, being able to switch through layers and amazing effects I can add to the image. Anyway back to my character.

So Shadow is the name he goes by, hopefully, it actually gives away certain things to do with him, his actual name… er well you can see- read it when I make a small thing on him (I’ll try do it soon). The reason I wrote this was because of the AWESOME ideas I’ve come up with to make him so much cooler and a better character for a book which I have really wanted to make with him but just haven’t been able to because of how I’d made him. I’ve tried not to give too much away, because I want it to be anticipated for and I haven’t finalized all my thoughts on him yet.

Hope you will all like the drawing I’ll make of him, I’ll try get it finished this week. Don’t get your hopes too high though.


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