Unfortunately I’ve been rather busy with tests, essays you name it this week and some of last week which has limited the time I have had to work on the drawing. I really want to do it well so I’m not going to rush it. I had to do something for this week though so here’s a poem I wrote… 5 minutes ago.

It kinda started off about sexuality then kinda somehow twisted into something about the internet, oh well.

“If violets were red

And roses were blue

Maybe I could have been with you

But that’s not how our world works”


“Whenever I try get close

We are separated by a glass pane,

No one else had any gain

From cutting our ties apart”


“Sick, diseased…

Abnormal, wrong…”


At least, that’s how it used to be…

Nowadays if you get the right key

And unlock the right lock,

You will be criticized


If you ace the test

Like no one ever had

You will be criticized


If you want to be fit

And put in the exercise

You will be criticized


If you do anything,

You will be criticized…


Well… on the internet that is,


On the internet there will always be people

That will act like sheep on a hill

And criticize you for something- anything


But you have to ignore the sheep

And look at the heap

Of everyone and everything

That actually are supporting you


Oh, but if your one of those people criticizing others

You better watch out

Because sheep can also be wolves


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