Wolversheep Movie Script

Sorry for not posting anything for quite some time. I’ve had a lot of work these past weeks since my last day of this term is on the Friday of this week. I’ll try my best to post a fair amount during those 2 weeks of holiday.

In creative writing last semester we had to write a script for a movie which had an interaction between fantasy and real elements where a character’s life has too little control or has too much control and they comfort themselves with this fantasy world.

Hope you enjoy it.



A sheep howling to the moon.

Zoom out:

Reveals it as the cover of an old book being held up by an old sheep in front of many lambs sitting down on the grass.


Old sheep has reading glasses, strong old voice, straw hat on his head. Male. Does not baaa a lot.

Old sheep

So you want to hear another story eh?


The SOUND of lambs baaing

Old sheep

If not too baaad I’m telling you anyway.


CAMERA turns up and flies up into the sky.


Old sheep

Long ago in a barn far far away, there was a Wolf.

He was as much a wolf as any, except that he was a Sheep.


EXT. FARM – Morning

SOUND of a rooster crowing.

CAMERA turns down showing an overview of a different farm. Small crop area, square house in the corner furthest from the forest, sheep pen with barn house takes up the other half.



INT. Barn – Same

In perspective of wolversheep, eyes open and close.

Wolversheep has the same white coat as all the other sheep. No distinguishing details. Male

The sheep wake up.

They leave the barn.

EXT. Barn – Same

The sheep move up to the feeder that the farmer is now walking away from with a big sack on his shoulder.


In third person.

Control dog is a small golden Labrador. Male.

Control Dog

All righty people, make sure to eat as much as you can Woof

You might be one of the lucky few to go up to the campfire! Woof


INT.Sheep Pen – Same

CAMERA follows as wolversheep walks off towards the fence.

CAMERA view jumps to the sheep’s face through the metal mesh.

Another sheep walks up behind him.

Conspiracy sheep. Slightly greyer coat, small glasses, male.

Conspiracy Sheep

Wolversheep. You shouldn’t baaa by the fence here.

This is baaa where the farmers feed the mountain wolves baaa.

Take care baaa. If you eat too much you will baaa a part of their ritual.


INT.Sheep Pen – Same

CAMERA in first person looking through the wire fence and up at the pathway up the mountain.

Wolversheep walks back to the barn.


EXT.House from sheep pen – Same

In perspective of Wolversheep.

As wolversheep walks by; the SOUND of laughter inside the house as the farmers eat breakfast. The farmers make grunts to communicate, showing the animals don’t understand what they are saying.

CAMERA jumps to the table with the farmers, facing out at the window. Wolversheep stands on hind legs and looks inside.


INT.Barn – Night

CAMERA positioned between sleeping sheep facing toward the entrance of the barn.

Wolversheep gets up and quietly leaves


INT.Sheep pen – Same

CAMERA looking down at the fence from within the leaves of a tree.

Wolversheep trots up to the fence.


Hey baaa


CAMERA positioned beside wolversheep looking out the fence

The figure of a wolf comes out from the shadows.

The wolf’s coat is a light grey and shines in the moonlight, does not like meat, male.


Have you got anything for me today?


Wolversheep pushes a dog biscuit through the fence.

The wolf lays down after eating the treat.

A light turns on in the house and wolversheep and the CAMERA turn quickly towards it.

The CAMERA turns back and the wolf is gone.

Wolversheep goes back to the barn.


EXT.Barn by the feeder – Morning

CAMERA looking at the feeder with barn behind it. Sheep are facing the CAMERA.

Control dog goes over all the rules.

Control dog

Don’t ever leave-


Wolversheep starts zoning out. He’s daydreaming of jumping around in a field with the wolf.

Control dog continues getting softer as he goes deeper into his daydream.


Control dog

-the sheep pen unless being shorn.

The only other time you can leave is when being taken to the campfire.


Control dogs voice is too soft to recognise now.


Random Sheep

Hey, baa




Wolversheep suddenly snaps out of his daydream at the shout of the sheep beside him.

Control dog is gone and wolversheep and random sheep are the only ones there.

Random sheep always wobbles her head, jumps around sideways to get everywhere, eyes facing opposite directions, female.

Random Sheep

Baaa! Wake up.


Wolversheep looks at random sheep.

Random sheep

What’s baaan going on?

You’ve been zoning out a lot baaa.



Don’t you ever want to know what’s beyond the fence? baaa


Random Sheep

No baaa. We aren’t allowed baaayond the fence baaa.

I’m going baaa.


Random sheep jumps away.

CAMERA flies turns up to the sky and time fast-forwards to night.

CAMERA turns down showing wolversheep by the fence digging something up.

Wolf walks up to him. Wolversheep digs up a turnip and a dog treat and passes it to the wolf. Wolf lies down again when he finishes eating.

Wolversheep gradually starts to baaa less.


Is something bothering you?



Would you come with me if I leave the farm baaa?


Just as wolf is about to answer a howl goes off in the distance.


Sorry I have to go.


Wolf disappears into the darkness.

Wolversheep keeps showing up each night and waits for wolf but he is never there.

Wolversheep eventually just decides to go over the fence and into the woods to look for him.


INT.Woods – Night

The full moon is big and low in the sky, wolversheep climbs up to the top of the nearest mountain. He reaches a plateau and starts trying to howl. The plateau reaches over a waterfall far down bellow.





After a while he finally gets it. The SOUND of his strong howl echoes throughout the mountain range.

The light turns on in the farm house and the farmers start grunting loudly to communicate to each other.

Wolf comes up behind wolversheep.


What are you doing!



I was getting your attention.



You’ve gotten EVERYONE’S attention!


Wolversheep sees the other sheep coming out of the barn and the farmers running past them towards the mountains holding rifles and shotguns.

The SOUND of snarling wolves behind wolversheep makes him turn around suddenly. 5 wolves are growling at him. Wolversheep backs up as the wolves slowly advance. His hoof slips off and he goes back to steady himself.

CAMERA moves out to show the silhouettes of the wolves and wolversheep against the large moon and the cliff wolversheep is backed against.

The wolves stop advancing about a meter away from wolversheep. Wolf is pushed forward with his tail in between his legs and his ears and head down.

Wolversheep and Wolf look off the cliff to see what’s bellow. The SOUND of farmers advancing up the slope grunting to each other gets louder as do the snarls of the wolves as they continue inching closer.

Wolversheep and Wolf look at each other.


No, it’s too dangerous. We are really likely to die.



At least we will have a chance.


Wolversheep puts his hoof on Wolf’s shoulder and they look into each other’s eyes.

They close their eyes and lean off the cliff just as the wolves lunge forward and the farmer’s reach the plateau and start shooting.



CAMERA zooms out of a picture book showing the scene of Wolf and Wolversheep falling in front of the waterfall.

Old Sheep

Wolf and Wolversheep escaped their lives and built a new reality for themselves.


The SOUND of lambs’ baaaing in satisfaction.

The SOUND of Old Sheep chuckling. Old Sheep looks over towards the forest edge.

A mature wolf is standing there looking back, backpack thing on its back with crops in it. Another wolf walks up to stand beside them, soon followed by some wolf puppies. Old Sheep tips his hat to them and the wolf bows his head.

The wolves disappear into the forest.

Screen fades to black.

Quote appears:

You don’t have to conform in life to be happy.


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