Story prologue – Shadow

Sorry for taking so long to finish this, I’ve been fairly busy still. Here’s a short prologue that I wrote now that I’ve come up with a really good plot to fit this character. The drawing of him will hopefully be finished by the end of this week.

Hope you enjoy!


My world spun around me as I lay lifelessly on the cold stone floor. The bright light from the sun blazed maliciously down on me. Faint screams sounded all around me as dirt and debris constantly pounced high into the sky with each blast. A hand grasped my throat and a dark hooded figure loomed over me. The edge of his figure seemed to dance around like slow flames, his face shrouded in complete darkness. The hand grew tighter as I was raised into the air, my face held directly in front of where his face should have been. I coughed and a smile slowly began appearing on the figures face out of thin air. His smile crept up to the very corners of where his cheek would have been. His bright white teeth had such distinct detail over the dark abyss that was his face. Just as I gained the strength to grab the hand enclosed around my neck, his eyes came forth from the shadows. Glowing a deep blue, eyes that looked more innocent than a young child’s. But something was off, something wasn’t quite right about them, something allowed them to fit onto the figures face. Death. His eyes had seen more death than any man should ever be allowed to. Suddenly something began changing, his left eye began to blur into a cold flame of red and white light, his right eye then began flaming a blue glowing flame, as if the colour of his eye was burning itself. His hood began to slowly fade away, but the darkness that covered his face remained. I scratched at his hand trying to free my throat, and then he spoke in a voice which radiated hatred.

“Going to properly kill me this time?”

His hand tightened around my throat and I felt cracking. I felt my consciousness fading, a white blur zoomed out from the corner of my eye and I was dropped onto the hard stone again. I felt Ophiel touch my shoulder with her soft hand, flowing energy through me. I jumped to my feet and nodded to her as I began walking towards the figure again.

“Hurry Karael!” Sariel called out to me from where she had the figure pinned against the wall of a collapsed building. “I can’t hold Shadow here f-” her sentence was cut short by a dagger slicing her throat.

Her now lifeless body fell to the earth and slowly dematerialized into a million white flakes. Flames coated my fists as I pounced at him. I felt something sharp go across my stomach and I flew right threw his body and into the wall. The dust cleared and revealed his now fully materialized body. Ophiel ran at him, forming a sword out of the stone around her. She struck down at him, landing a solid hit into his shoulder, yet he seemed almost completely undeterred as he spun round hoisting her high into the air by the throat.

“No matter how many, no matter how strong, you will never fully kill me.” He smashed her onto the ground and her body began dematerializing into thousands of brown flakes. He walked over to me and knelt down. “Try again next time.” He stuck a bar deep into my heart, disappearing into the shadow of the building. I could feel the red flakes slowly tearing from my body as I lost consciousness.


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