Story Chapter 4

So I’ve taken a really long time to actually get to finishing this chapter off. I was wanting to post this earlier today or even yesterday but I was a bit busy with stuff and my internet is somewhat dead. I’m going to start thinking up some names for this story so that I can change the post titles so each chapter’s easier to find.

Hope you enjoy this.


Chapter 4 Finally, starting afresh  

I stretched as my eyes slowly opened to the blinding morning sun. I dragged myself out of the haystack and eagerly pulled out my ability card. I went into the alleyway to look at it properly.

Teleport, Windfury, Link, Black Cat, Infernal Blast, reflect and bloodied blade.

I flipped the card around to look at my remaining stats.

Hm, it seems to be going down slowly.

I spotted a number pulsating in the top corner of the card. A fraction.

This must be the progress. So I’m going to lose 97% of my stats? I’ve already lost 13%.

A sudden spike of pain shot through my chest and forced me to my knees. I could feel the life being ripped from me.

When the pain finally faded I managed to clamber to my feet and look back at the card.

It’s jumped to 20%, so that’s what that sudden pain was last night. I’ll need to be cautious of it.

That lady made a big deal about resetting at 171. If I told her my actual level I don’t think she would have let me go so easily.

I clenched the badge in my pocket tightly in my fist.

After one obstacle is conquered, 2 arise.”

I whipped a tear off my cheek and stepped out of the alleyway and back into the now crowded square.

I squeezed through the crowed to the opposite corner.

Something shone in the corner of my eye and I stopped. To the left of me was a stall selling daggers. On the desk was a black blade with a black handle with 2 red streaks down either side. I walked over and picked up the dagger to examine it.

“That’s a dragon blade that is, ye won’t find a lota those round these parts.” He was a plump man dressed in raggedy clothes. There was a strong sent of the sea wafting off of him.

Blade is about 6 and a half Ilo long, forged from the scales of a dragon. The grip is Elven mammoth leather. Weight is around 6 Sor 1 Mir. Cost averaging around 500 gold.

I set down the dagger after realizing the cost and sighed.

There’s no way a newbie would have enough for a dagger like this.

“Tryna get rid of it I am. Tell ye what, if ye lend meself a hand, I’ll give ye that blade I will.”

His offer made my heart stop.

“You’re-you’re sure?”

“Come meet me ere at sundown if interested. I’ll explain sa-more.”

I nodded and he waved me a goodbye as I walked away.

Kinda weird no one bought it already. I must be really lucky.

A realisation hit me as I remembered my circumstances.

A newbie having a dagger like that will attract a lot of attention, but now if I don’t get it attention will also be attracted to me.

“I’ll work something out…”



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