Opinion piece on Posting my Opinion here.

So I thought I’d start posting things that are just different sized paragraphs that consist purely of my opinion on that specific thing.

When I had this idea I almost immediately thought of ways to tone it down a little but also try to have it as me. So since I want to both keep them toned down a little but also offer people the chance to see the (I’d probably say better) uncensored versions I’ll try use the ‘Read more’ tags. I’ll be experimenting with them to see if they will actually work and if anyone has any better ideas to help me out here I would love to hear them.


Also just in case anyone has misread this,

I am not going to stop posting the kinds of things I have already been posting nor am I going to purposely do them any less. This is just so I can express my opinion a bit more and doing this will also open up opportunities to write stories or poetry on these topics and it will also and most importantly help me become a better writer and understand myself and why I feel the ways I do about these things.

I’m planning to add 2 more options onto my site, Opinionated (For the paragraphs I write purely about my opinion on different things) and news/info/updates/etc (For all the updates/upcoming/issues/whatever to give a bit of insight into what’s happening).

Couldn’t think of anything else to write that’d fit here since I’m just testing the ‘Read more’ tag.


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