Upcoming Exams and school busyness

So over the past week and most of last week I’ve been pretty busy with school stuff and some other home related things which have made it a bit difficult to be able to work on anything and actually finish it with the little motivation and large amount of tiredness and stress weighing me down.
I also lost my computer stylus somewhere in my room last Friday and still haven’t found it, I’m able to use my brothers so I will be able to finish the drawing but I don’t think anytime soon.
In 3 or something weeks I will also have exams for school and before all that I have like 70 projects, assignments, tests, essays etc.

I’ll try my best to finish an opinion thing before Monday.
The ‘Read more’ tag didn’t do what I was wanting it to do so I’m just going to have the ‘uncensored’ versions of things under the censored ones. For some (depending on how big they are) I won’t censor them and I’ll just warn that it might have rude language and such.

I’m going to post some quick and easy to do stuff until I finish something decent.


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