Merica (Election opinion piece)

Now this is probably going to make an absolute SHIT ton of people get pissed off so I’ll try not to go overboard.

Well first off I’m kinda glad Trump won instead of Clinton because well, Hillary’s past is full of all this crap, I don’t like the Clintons, she wanted to ACTUALLY start war with Russia and she just talked shit about Trump instead of actually talking about how she is going to ‘make America great again’.

Also, all this “Trump has no chance” “Clinton is higher up on the polls” or whatever else to do with Trump ‘not wining’ just got bent over and furiously fisted by the actual votes. And now everyone is saying ‘how could this happen’ and all this over stuff to do with how bloody surprised everyone is that he won. People don’t like being unique, people have to act like sheep to fit in and if they don’t fit in everyone that does is like “f**k off you’re wrong”. This is exactly why everyone thought Clinton would win then when the voting came along everyone voted for who THEY wanted.

What I don’t understand is why so many people are so pissed off and fleeing and scared and want to kill themselves and all these other extreme things over Trump becoming president. America’s second amendment LITERALLY was made for if the public became pissed off at the government. “We need our guns to protect our selves” “Oh f**k better kill myself now that Trumps president” It’s the most stupid thing. It actually proves that America has no need for gun legalization. Like if you are going to avoid using it for what it was actually made for then its f**king pointless.

What if Trump ACTUALLY makes America a bit better? What will everyone do if he ACTUALLY is a decent president? I bet everyone will stop tweeting about how shit it is that Trump won and follow like f**king sheep saying “Knew Trump was great from the beginning”. It’s kinda funny that a country that brags so much about it’s freedom is one of those countries that you can’t voice an opinion in. “I think guns are bad” “F**k you, you aren’t allowed to talk about guns that way” is essentially how it goes. Absolutely NO discussion, it’s just “F**k you, that’s wrong”

Well I think that’s all I can be bothered actually saying about this. Merica, use your second amendment for what is was made for instead of moaning like you are being spawn killed in every match you get into. Gain knowledge of all your other amendments instead of just the second one. And stop being so pissy about this whole situation.

(PS everyone who has now left America will be unable to return due to the large amounts of wall being built.)


One thought on “Merica (Election opinion piece)

  1. AG

    Mate, you’re entitled to your opinion but no good can come from a, misogynistic, climate-change denying, egomaniacal, narcissistic, temperamental, Ku-Klux-Klan-supported racist (and also a wet fart of a human being) becoming President. He’s dangerously unqualified for the job, and was voted in by middle-American protest voters, who, desperate for change, were railing against the (horrible yet predictable) consequences of 3+ decades of neoliberal economic policies (laissez-faire capitalism). The irony is that Trump represents the ideals of that very same ideology (one that is predicated on creating a “heroic narrative of extreme wealth”.) *End rant*


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