Shadow Prologue

Have been pretty busy with everything. I managed to write a little prologue here for the other story I’m going to start posting sometime. It’s fairly unedited and I did most of it later at night when I had any time and motivation. Hope you enjoy it at least a little.



The loud smashing of doors and screams and shouts of my men echoed through the walls and ringed in my ears.

The impossibility of an individual being able to get through all my elite men and security was of a complete impossibility.

I stood behind my 2 men with their riot shields poised at the door. My entire body trembled with every slow footstep that sounded through the hallway just beyond the wall. Gunfire and the shouts of my men in the hallway shook the walls only briefly before being silenced by the subtle growl of an unholy mutt. The footsteps stopped outside the door and the handle began to turn slowly.

“FIRE!” I ordered my men.

The door shredded under the heavy firepower of machine gun fire. My men stopped firing and the door crumbled. A black mass that looked like millions of electrical sparks in a cloud began swirling and forming in the doorway and in its centre was a denser blue sphere made up of the same sparks. It formed into the shape of a person, the light blue mass around where their heart would be, and a dark purple mass where their brain would be. I jumped to the sudden sound of cracking plastic and blood spewed out of my men’s necks and they dropped lifelessly to the floor and then the things body formed, black pants with a black zipped up jacket and a hood darkening the top half of its face. The only noticeable detail of its face against the blackness was the bright white of its dreaded smile.

“Y-you, w-what unholy beast are you!?” I shouted at the thing stumbling backwards onto the carpet.

It raised its head, revealing eyes that looked as if they had been blinded by thousands of years of death.

“All your men are dead. Their corpses will forever live in these walls.” His voice was so cold it sent shivers down my spine.

I could feel my heart beating hard against my ribs. I scrambled backwards on the ground and a gun fell out of my pocket.  I snatched it and poised it at the monster and shot, but it didn’t fall. It stood there staring right at me as a black hole right between its eyes closed up. It sighed and knelt down in front of me putting its index finger right over my heart.

“I was expecting to get a little more fun out of this but your ‘elite warriors’ weren’t quite as ‘elite’ as I was told.” His voice was somewhat soothing which terrified me even further.

I felt a strange sensation where his finger was and looked down. A hole had formed in my chest, full of those same sparks that created his body earlier. The sensation spread through the bones of my arms and legs and then suddenly my heart felt like it was being lightly squeezed. I yelled as I tried to move my arms to strike but it was although my very arms themselves were locked in place. I tried to get up to run but my legs felt the same.

“Must feel horrible, to be completely helpless… kinda reminds me of how you got your men to be so ‘elite’.” After he finished he moved his face just inches away from my face.

He looked even more terrifying than I thought he could get. Pain erupted from my chest and blood splattered onto his body, my blood.

How am I still alive? I tried to talk aloud but couldn’t.

“Goodbye” I watched as the dark mist withdrew from my body and the feeling of death began to consume me. My last memory, was that of the monsters face speckled with my own blood.


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