Life update thing

On Monday of this week I did my last exam and got to walk home in the heat and then flop onto my bed where I lay lifelessly for the next few hours until someone got home and fed me. My exams went from Monday of last week to the Monday of this week.

So far I only know my results for the English essays which were put together and averaged to 50%. The feedback I got is kinda confusing when it’s put with the mark because it sounds to me like I went into the negatives with my detail but somehow also showed that I understood the requirements of the exam and the task at the same time. Hopefully I can get the actual essays I did and see what I need to do differently next time.

On Wednesday and Thursday we had orientation for year 11. The way that they set it out was ridiculously annoying to deal with. They got everyone doing the one subject and put them in the same room and each session was split into 30 minute sessions where if you didn’t have one of those subjects to go to you had to go and sit in one of these set rooms in silence and ‘study’. Not only did my laptop die because I was using the wrong battery but I had absolutely nothing to do for (what felt like) 3 hours apart from write how annoyed I was on my calculator.

On the Thursday, I went with to the Royal Children’s Hospital. My brother had to go in for blood tests to see if he was able to do his next cycle of chemo. His bone marrow or something wasn’t being produced properly so he had to go in today to have an injection to boost it so he will be able to do chemo. I’m probably not going to say much about this or at least not for a while because I just don’t have much of an opinion on it.

Now that year 10 has finished and I have my school holidays I will be able to write a bit more and do more of the stuff I want to do. Right this moment I am getting captures off of the xbox so I can edit them into a video and actually get back into my youtube channel a bit. I’m going to really try and finish the drawing sometime soon because I’ve kept putting it back and then become busy whenever I have the motivation to do it.

Thanks everyone who has followed me, liked my posts or even just read them. Whether you disagree or agree with me, whether you hate me or love me, all I want is for someone to read the crap I write or look at my crap drawings. So thanks a lot everyone.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I am going to finish off an opinion piece sometime before the end of this week on the click bait on youtube. I am also going to write more of the story and maybe even start a few shorts with the character I’ve been drawing.


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