Why I like school and don’t want to finish

Now I know that there are absolute shit tons of students that hate school and wonder why it exists in the first place. Then there are students that go to school and are pretty neutral when it comes to it. And there are also students that are geniuses and love school. Then there’s me.

I actually like going to school and experiencing all these different things such as all the different kinds of relationships and all the different types of people that you meet. But you can also experience these things out of school right? Well yea, but for me personally, I would rather go to school and talk to someone I’ve seen around before or been forced to talk to due to them being a teacher or being put into a group with someone than walk up to a random stranger and try spike a conversation. That’s another reason I like the internet so much, you can communicate with someone thousands of kilometers away without having to make them feel uncomfortable (well I guess that depends on the site/game and situation).

Another reason that I enjoy school is that I get to (usually) learn something new, be it a new way to solve a problem, a new formula in Maths or just the meaning of a word in English. I actually saw a video ages ago and at some part of it, the guy said that school is the way to pass down information to each generation in order to advance us all as a whole. Not a lot of people care about knowing ‘useless information’ but the more you know the easier it is for you to learn more.

Kinda don’t want to add this reason in but I feel the need to. If I didn’t have to go to school, a job, anywhere outside then I wouldn’t and don’t unless I feel a need to. My only need to go outside when I am on school holidays is either family related, my friends have organised something or I need to briefly lay outside to clear my head so I can properly focus. When school is on I do actually enjoy going because I have a reason to be outside.

And now finally, the reason I don’t want school to finish. When school finishes I will have a lot more time which either means I’ll start binge playing video games or be bored. But since the end of school is inevitable I will have to become mature enough to not waste all my time just sitting on my chair playing games and get a part time job for maybe an hour a day while I try and get something published and hopefully be at the stage where I can get some amount of money off of my site.

I’ll of grown up, which I think is the real reason I don’t want school to end.


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