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Hello everyone who takes time out of their life to read the shit I post here.
I have spent the past hour or so looking at different ways to record xbox footage. I have found quite a lot of useful information… Underneath the shitloads of crap which kinda felt like trying to fish for salmon in a lavapool. I have found no way to just record my mic and/or party chat on the xboxone without the use of something external. To record my mic and party chat as well as the game audio and footage I have to go to great lengths because Microsoft likes making everything as difficult as it possibly can be.

Recording xbox1

If I want to be able to record my mic I am given the wonderful freedom of choice. Freedom is not always a good thing by the way. Okay so from what I have found, I can choose to either stream onto my laptop and record from there or I can record the footage and audio separately.
There are quite a few pros and cons to both of these options.

With the first option, I have to stream the xbox screen onto my laptop using the xbox app on windows10. I then have to record using the xboxDVR on the xbox app on the laptop.
Now a positive to this is that the quality is okay and everything, the game audio, mic, game footage, it’s all together already and doesn’t need to be edited too much.
A negative to this is that it uses something called internet to stream. Now, everyone knows how fantastic Australia’s first world internet is. Not just this but the game audio randomly jumps around and the game footage is only just satisfactory for me. I also can’t communicate through party chat for some reason. 
So for this option, everything is together but I will probably only be able to do a little bit each month and I still won’t be able to get party chat. 

With the second option, I have to manually match up the game and my mic after I have recorded it.
Pros for this would easily be that the quality is shit tons better, I won’t run out of internet nearly as quickly, and I’d still be able to talk in party chat.
Now the cons for this would be that it is obviously much more time consuming,and any issue with either of the recordings could ruin the entire video. I also won’t be able to record party chat unless I send the audio out through the TV. I am unsure if this will be picked up by xboxDVR and if it is then I won’t have to have the TV audio up so that the mic picks up my voice and then also that of the game and stuff. 


Before I decided to actually write this I was trying to fix premiere pro (which I eventually managed to). After I fixed premiere pro I had my balls on hot coals trying to think of ‘what the fuck’ my video should be of. I couldn’t decide between analyzing an anime opening, just a gameplay video, an ‘opinion’ video, or reading a poem/story, so I just decided I’ll write this to explain how I will be experimenting and stuff with my channel and then read it out and put it over some crap gaming footage. I will be rewording this post into a script for the video tonight and then maybe record and post it tomorrow depending on how long it takes me to not sound like a rotting corpse.


‘Conclusion’ is probably not going to be the right word for this but I am too fat and lazy to open a new tab and search for the right word which will probably take less time than it would to write this small section complaining and justifying using ‘Conclusion’ to title this section.
I will probably try experimenting with both of these options because unfortunately neither is distinctively better than the other. I will be trying to maximize the quality I can get out of these so my videos will have a lot of inconsistencies for a bit before I work it all out. 
Oh and right before I sign off here, my titles will begin staying a bit clickbaity, deal with it.
Hope you enjoyed reading this random pile of shit and all look forward to an upcoming video. 


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