Story Chapter 5

Chapter 5

I made my way down to the docks cloaked by the dim setting sun. A gentle breeze sending chills down my spine. The old wood creaked as I walked towards the large rustic ship positioned at the end of the dock.
“Is that his ship?” I asked myself.
A dark aura suddenly hit me, stopping me from reaching the vessel. The wind made the sails dance in the gentle light, making everything feel more sinister. It was as though they wanted me to come aboard, never to let me see the light of day again.
“Oy! Over ere matey” The voice somehow soothed me, washing away all the darkness that had me in its grasp mere seconds before.
“So this isn’t your ship. Eheh…” I chuckled lightly as I walked over to where he was standing.
He went back to unloading his little boat of the pile of wooden boxes, motioning me to help carry them.
Once all the crates had been neatly packed into the warehouse, he dropped the remaining one down onto the round table in the centre of the building. He took off the lid revealing a blade black as night, cushioned by hay.
“Ere she is, all yers.” He almost seemed a bit too eager to give it to me.
“I am indebted to you” I tipped my head, thanking him.
He nodded, handing me the sheathed blade. The leather was so soft and smooth, it didn’t feel real.
The moon now hung high in the sky. I could feel my stats dropping again but it didn’t feel nearly as bad.
As I made my way towards the nearest dungeon, I unsheathed the blade and gave it a proper look.
The blade has been heavily strengthened, the handle is well woven. Wait, I don’t remember this crystal here.
I picked at the hexagonal red gem placed into the side of the handle. It came out, a metal chain attached to it tried to pull it back inside. A dark aura began closing in on me again, forcing me to ready myself. I stood there, for a few seconds, poised, but the aura just seemed to drift away.
I shook off the feeling and continued towards the dungeon.
“That gem must be part of a soul capture. It drew the dark energy from destroyed monsters. That’s all it was.” I tried to comfort myself, but a voice in the back of my mind said otherwise.
I turned my gaze forwards again. The dungeon was only another 6 or so Cai.
“This should be close enough” I stopped to look around for any monsters that might be hiding in the bushes nearby.
“KAAA!” A goblin launched itself towards me, slicing downward with its large cutlass.
I brought the dragon blade upwards, creating a massive CLANK and launching the goblin upwards. It landed in a nearby tree, only just managing to grip onto one of the branches.
Something hit me directly in the chest, forcing me onto my knees. I saw my stats dropping immensely.
Why now?! I tried to shout, not managing even a whisper.
When I looked up, I was surrounded. Dozens of goblins angrily swinging their cutlasses. I gained a grip on myself and jumped up into the air.
“Infernal blast!” I shouted, cutting downwards to propel a huge fireball straight down at the goblin swarm.
The blast launched me high into the air, the energy required to cast it almost rendered me unconscious. My vision started going blurry, the muffled sounds of a woman’s voice startled me. I couldn’t quite make out what she was saying.
‘Pu m k mm’? What could she be saying? I feel so tired.
I felt my consciousness drift away as my body fell.
Can’t believe this is how I…


It’s been over 3 months since I’ve posted the last chapter of this, and unfortunately this chapter is NOT 3 months worth of work. Really sorry about it taking so long hope everyone enjoyed it despite the long wait. Sorry for not making it the best I could.


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