A reckoning is coming…

Kept forgetting to post this little poem I did after having a weird dream sometime ago. Hope you enjoy!


Finally, we have reached an ending
But who won?
We may have won the battle with our arsenal
But the war has only just begun…
Now, we must rebuild what was lost,
But never forget our fallen,
As they still fought, no matter the cost…
Soon, there will come a calling,
A day where all those who survived,
Will be dragged back into hell…
Once we thrived,
We decided to rattle the Bell,
Starting a war between galaxies…
As I write this,
Cannon fire reaps hundreds of casualties,
Sending thousands of others into the abyss,
It may be the same cannon fire that results in my demise…
Both sides fight on the side of the angel
But all, pay the same price…
So who would have won? Both are able,
We’d just have to roll the dice
But when it’s all over,
The casualties would be monstrous,
So who really would have won?


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