Pikachu drawing

Still aliveeeee.

I tried to do this daily challenge at the start of this month…. Hah… Did 5 days then had to do so much maths that I couldn’t write anything and failed the challenge..

But anyway, here is something I drew this weekend,

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New story prologue

I finished writing this today. Sorry it took much longer than I wanted it to. This is the new prologue for the story I was working on that I decided had a horrible plot and the main characters motives were bad so I changed up the plot a little and completely re imagined the main character. Hope you enjoy.

This world has given me mud over gold. Like radio silence on an uncharted island, I feel desperate and without hope. However, despite how hopeless it is, I must at least try to find something to distract myself. But what is there in this world that could be of any interest to me? What is there that will give me a purpose in this world? Who am I even, in my own story? Continue reading “New story prologue”

Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens is horrible

I know this is late but when I first went and saw this movie in cinemas I thought “well that was shit” and didn’t want to say anything about it or watch it again. Then I got some holiday homework to analyze a movie and I went “I can call this movie out on it’s shit”.

I personally think that this movie was hyped to shit and just had awful writing. If you haven’t already watched Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens and you want to then you probably should before reading this as (obviously) this will contain spoilers.

I’ve seen Star Wars The Last Jedi and it was a little more enjoyable than 7 but it had so many issues it’s not funny. I don’t think either of these films deserve such high ratings as they pretty much got these just because they are Star Wars films. Changing directors in a trilogy is the most retarded thing they could have done EVEN if the first director was doing a horrible job. Continue reading “Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens is horrible”

A lot has been happening…

Over the past few months there have been a lot of different things happening in my life. Good, bad, meh, all sorts. I’ve been quite busy with a lot of different things as well, I’ve been going outside quite a bit and taking many photos which has helped me cope a bit better with stress and emotional stuff. My exams went fine, didn’t fail any and did decent to good in all of them. I’ve also decided on a bunch of different things which I’m going to try my hardest to focus on (I know I say that a lot without producing much of anything but I really do try push myself).

So for starters, my motivation is still non-existent, or at least so abysmal that it doesn’t have an affect. However, recently I managed to get over a girl I was infatuated by for the past 2 years which is awesome. My motivation will hopefully start building up now which will be great because of how much bloody year 12 holiday homework I have to finish.

With all the different creative mediums I want to do, I’ve decided I’ll focus on certain ones right now rather than try do all of them at once. I’ve decided I’ll focus on Continue reading “A lot has been happening…”

Making myself more productive

It has been over a month since I last posted something. I wanted to post something every week and on THE second week I essentially gave up. I originally wanted to start writing more often not only to try and make myself more productive and push myself a bit but also to make myself feel happier. I tried really hard to write something and get it out there but I just wasn’t able to. I’ve had to resit 2 or 3 psychology assignments and tests and almost failed many more in philosophy, media etc. I got so busy that I couldn’t even play games with my friends at all for a few weeks. Everything was 100 times more difficult to do than normal. The thing I’ve been trying really hard to finish is a prologue for a tower defense game I’m planning to work on and design over my long school holidays. When I started, all I wanted was a few paragraphs, pretty short, interesting and very descriptive. When I finished those first few paragraphs however, I had to add more. It just couldn’t be completed without them. Here is a small taster to what I have, I’ll try my best to finish and release the full thing soon.

Crimson red seeped through the cloth I held tight against my arm, pooling at the inside of my elbows. My body crashed down into the ground as my legs gave in. I spat dirt and blood as I choked on my own breath. My eyes burned from the dust and debris, screams still ringing in my ears. I attempted to continue. It used all of my might just to drag my body towards a fallen tree. Shards of glass pierced my uniform as I rested against the log, but I did not flinch as my mind was already preoccupied. I carefully unwrapped my forearm. As I tore off the last section, the pain increased tenfold. Continue reading “Making myself more productive”