My favourite animes so far

Date a Live and Clannad are definitely my 2 top favorite animes.
Date a Live is just about a guy who goes around saving spirits and most of it is set out like a dating simulator. I prefer the dub of Date a Live because the voice actors (in my opinion) fit the characters better than in the sub and it’s a lot funnier.
Clannad is about a guy whose whole life begins changing when he meets a girl at his school. I preferred the sub for this one because they were more dramatic and exaggerated the scenes more than the dub which is one of the main reasons I love anime.
Right now I’m watching Orange which is about a girl who sends a letter back in time to her younger self warning her of things she should change so she won’t regret the same things her older self regrets. I’m also rewatching the Date a Live dub and will start watching some other animes which are being released as well.

The exaggeration in anime is something I really enjoy and is also something I try to mix into my writing.