Pikachu drawing

Still aliveeeee.

I tried to do this daily challenge at the start of this month…. Hah… Did 5 days then had to do so much maths that I couldn’t write anything and failed the challenge..

But anyway, here is something I drew this weekend,

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Drawing after 8 months

Hello everyone and happy new year. Over the past few days I tried to draw on paper again after a very, very, very long time. After I finished the sketch some of my friends suggested (forced) me to colour it in which I NEVER do but I decided I might as well try to and here is the result. Continue reading “Drawing after 8 months”

Arrival (CFS)

Over the next couple of weeks I will be very busy. I have exams from tomorrow through Friday and then the week after that I have work experience. I also have music concerts for the school band some time after that and a lot of other stuff before the school holidays so the next page for this may take an extra week or 2 before I can get to it.


Page 2 Chapter 1

Airport - Copy

We finally arrived at the airport at about 7 in the morning. The flight was well over 12 hours. To get in and out of a plane you go through these tubes that stretch out from the building and attach to the plane which I thought was pretty cool. The food on the plane was actually pretty good. We have been walking for about 10 minutes. ‘It’s just down the road.’ they said, ‘Just 5 minutes’. We are not even a quarter of the way there.

sprite10_Screenshot (173)

My sister poked her tongue out and posed. Still waiting for me to take a picture of her.
“Where’s the key?’ I asked her impatiently.
She groaned and took her small suitcase from me. Feeling around the front pocket, she pulled out the key and we went through the building door to walk up the long stair case to out apartment on the 4th level. She unlocked the door and we went inside.

The place was dark and smelled of dust. My sis went to the window and opened the curtains and let in some light. Our stuff was already put into separate rooms. Not organised obviously, just a suitcase on the floor. I sat down on the bed and started unpacking both my suitcases.

Now here’s the long explanation I promised you. Everyone has an element here. I’m not going over all the different ones and all their other fancy things right now because I don’t even really know it fully. There are schools built to train us for fighting creatures and returning them to their world. These schools are basically normal high school’s with combat training. Obviously this doesn’t mean you have to go into this profession. But if you do you have to go to this school etcetera etcetera. My parents study these creatures and work with an organisation that develops transportation methods and produces information about each species of these; their element, their weak points, most common moves etc. Moves are like ‘abilities’ which I again, don’t know a lot about right now. Anyway, a really REALLY long time ago there was a massive war that expanded the globe. The war was to prevent humanities extinction from the tidal wave of creatures. So now they train irresponsible teenagers, like myself, at special schools like the one I’m going to.

And that’s about all the backstory I can really give you about this world.


The beginning (CFS)

Page 1 Chapter 1


“That’s my bro over there.”

My sister was putting up a futile effort to cure her boredom by recording the flight.

“Half way there” she continued.

We’ve never been on a plane before. Well I haven’t. My sister has traveled to tournaments and concerts hundreds of times. My parents are already in Australia. They left a few days ago to go research a new kind of creature that showed up there.


“Why are you recording me?” I asked my sister.

“This is our first time, we need to keep memories of this!”

“Of course…”

In the reflection from the window I saw she look back at me suddenly. “Not like that you pervert”

I turned my body to face her. “What did I do?” I asked, confused. This happens a lot.


“Noo!” she whimpered.

Sounds like she killed the battery. 

“Spare battery time” She continued eagerly.

God dammit. I hope that battery is dead too. Maybe she won’t record anymore for a bit. I hope the card is full. 

So you are probably wondering what I’m actually doing on this plane. Well, there has been a large increase of the appearance of creatures popping up all over Australia and there are a lot of ‘great’ combat schools there. My parents are rather powerful and want us to be able to help them with their work. I… am not actually that great at fencing, my sister is really good. She is also a shadow element and can use her moves very effectively. I am a water element and I can not use any of my moves very well, which makes me not just the youngest, but also the weakest in the family.

Now you probably have no idea what I’m talking about but an explanation on that level can wait a little longer. I, yawn, am just going to sleep for a bit.

sprite8_Screenshot (123).png

“The plane isn’t that packed.” I said as I walked through the aisle down to the bathroom.

About an hour until we land.

I slid into the bathroom and closed the sliding door behind me.

I looked into the mirror and went close enough to see my pimples. Just before I managed to lay a finger to my face my sister knocked and said

“You squeezing pimples in there?”

“No” I lied. Well kinda lied, I hadn’t done anything yet. I turned on the tap and splashed some water onto my face. I wiped off the water with my sleeve and went back out.

My sister was asleep with her head against the window, where I was sitting earlier. I sat down where she was sitting before and pulled out my gameboy.

“Cleaning the slate to start a fresh.”