April 18th Writing Challenge

Worked a bit on the ‘script’ for the skit this weekend today. I’ve worked out a few different things and organised stuff I need to make it. I didn’t draw much today, I tried to do a little bit of an image in affinity but I need more time to make it look decent.

Making images in affinity is pretty fun. Continue reading “April 18th Writing Challenge”


April 15th Writing Challenge

Warframe is a kind of free to play MMORPG on Xbox, Pc, and PlayStation. It’s classified as a third-person, co-op focused action game but many elements of it make it an MMORPG. Anyway, it’s essentially space ninjas. I like it, it’s quite a fun game.

There are quite a few elements to it, you have your Warframes which are essentially death suits you take control of each with their own unique abilities. They each have 4 activatable abilities which you unlock and level up through playing as that Warframe and gaining experience points. They also have different amounts of health points, energy shield points, and armour ratings. Continue reading “April 15th Writing Challenge”