Titanfall2 Epicshots 1

Maybe I’ll take back what I said about liking school… Just kidding but the amount of holiday homework I got is kinda nuts.

I finally made a short little video and put it onto my youtube channel. I’ve got a ton of clips sorted them into very crappy categories so I could compile them into 5 min things easily but unfortunately thanks to the xbox dvr not recording a full 30 seconds and rather between 25-29 I have to use more than 10 clips for each.

Anyway here is the video, hope you enjoy, plz subscribe and like meh.


Why I like school and don’t want to finish

Now I know that there are absolute shit tons of students that hate school and wonder why it exists in the first place. Then there are students that go to school and are pretty neutral when it comes to it. And there are also students that are geniuses and love school. Then there’s me.

I actually like going to school and experiencing all these different things such as all the different kinds of relationships and all the different types of people that you meet. But you can also experience these things out of school right? Well yea, but for me personally, I would rather go to school and talk to someone I’ve seen around before or been forced to talk to due to them being a teacher or being put into a group with someone than walk up to a random stranger and try spike a conversation. That’s another reason I like the internet so much, you can communicate with someone thousands of kilometers away without having to make them feel uncomfortable (well I guess that depends on the site/game and situation).

Another reason that I enjoy school is that I get to (usually) learn something new, be it a new way to solve a problem, a new formula in Maths or just the meaning of a word in English. I actually saw a video ages ago and at some part of it, the guy said that school is the way to pass down information to each generation in order to advance us all as a whole. Not a lot of people care about knowing ‘useless information’ but the more you know the easier it is for you to learn more.

Kinda don’t want to add this reason in but I feel the need to. If I didn’t have to go to school, a job, anywhere outside then I wouldn’t and don’t unless I feel a need to. My only need to go outside when I am on school holidays is either family related, my friends have organised something or I need to briefly lay outside to clear my head so I can properly focus. When school is on I do actually enjoy going because I have a reason to be outside.

And now finally, the reason I don’t want school to finish. When school finishes I will have a lot more time which either means I’ll start binge playing video games or be bored. But since the end of school is inevitable I will have to become mature enough to not waste all my time just sitting on my chair playing games and get a part time job for maybe an hour a day while I try and get something published and hopefully be at the stage where I can get some amount of money off of my site.

I’ll of grown up, which I think is the real reason I don’t want school to end.

Day ‘no game’

So because I’ve been really distracted with games and everything I’ve decided to not play any games today and just purely write things for my site.

I want to do this not only because of how distracted I’ve been and how little holiday homework and writing I’ve done but also because I feel that if I can do a whole day without playing games I will be become more mature and have more control over myself when it comes to gaming and school work.

That’s more or less everything I wanted to say and I wanted to say it here so that I would be more motivated to actually do it.

Hope you enjoy the crap I’m going to write today which I will be posting throughout today and next week.


Life update thing

On Monday of this week I did my last exam and got to walk home in the heat and then flop onto my bed where I lay lifelessly for the next few hours until someone got home and fed me. My exams went from Monday of last week to the Monday of this week.

So far I only know my results for the English essays which were put together and averaged to 50%. The feedback I got is kinda confusing when it’s put with the mark because it sounds to me like I went into the negatives with my detail but somehow also showed that I understood the requirements of the exam and the task at the same time. Hopefully I can get the actual essays I did and see what I need to do differently next time.

On Wednesday and Thursday we had orientation for year 11. The way that they set it out was ridiculously annoying to deal with. They got everyone doing the one subject and put them in the same room and each session was split into 30 minute sessions where if you didn’t have one of those subjects to go to you had to go and sit in one of these set rooms in silence and ‘study’. Not only did my laptop die because I was using the wrong battery but I had absolutely nothing to do for (what felt like) 3 hours apart from write how annoyed I was on my calculator.

On the Thursday, I went with to the Royal Children’s Hospital. My brother had to go in for blood tests to see if he was able to do his next cycle of chemo. His bone marrow or something wasn’t being produced properly so he had to go in today to have an injection to boost it so he will be able to do chemo. I’m probably not going to say much about this or at least not for a while because I just don’t have much of an opinion on it.

Now that year 10 has finished and I have my school holidays I will be able to write a bit more and do more of the stuff I want to do. Right this moment I am getting captures off of the xbox so I can edit them into a video and actually get back into my youtube channel a bit. I’m going to really try and finish the drawing sometime soon because I’ve kept putting it back and then become busy whenever I have the motivation to do it.

Thanks everyone who has followed me, liked my posts or even just read them. Whether you disagree or agree with me, whether you hate me or love me, all I want is for someone to read the crap I write or look at my crap drawings. So thanks a lot everyone.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I am going to finish off an opinion piece sometime before the end of this week on the click bait on youtube. I am also going to write more of the story and maybe even start a few shorts with the character I’ve been drawing.

Merica (Election opinion piece)

Now this is probably going to make an absolute SHIT ton of people get pissed off so I’ll try not to go overboard.

Well first off I’m kinda glad Trump won instead of Clinton because well, Hillary’s past is full of all this crap, I don’t like the Clintons, she wanted to ACTUALLY start war with Russia and she just talked shit about Trump instead of actually talking about how she is going to ‘make America great again’.

Also, all this “Trump has no chance” “Clinton is higher up on the polls” or whatever else to do with Trump ‘not wining’ just got bent over and furiously fisted by the actual votes. And now everyone is saying ‘how could this happen’ and all this over stuff to do with how bloody surprised everyone is that he won. People don’t like being unique, people have to act like sheep to fit in and if they don’t fit in everyone that does is like “f**k off you’re wrong”. This is exactly why everyone thought Clinton would win then when the voting came along everyone voted for who THEY wanted.

What I don’t understand is why so many people are so pissed off and fleeing and scared and want to kill themselves and all these other extreme things over Trump becoming president. America’s second amendment LITERALLY was made for if the public became pissed off at the government. “We need our guns to protect our selves” “Oh f**k better kill myself now that Trumps president” It’s the most stupid thing. It actually proves that America has no need for gun legalization. Like if you are going to avoid using it for what it was actually made for then its f**king pointless.

What if Trump ACTUALLY makes America a bit better? What will everyone do if he ACTUALLY is a decent president? I bet everyone will stop tweeting about how shit it is that Trump won and follow like f**king sheep saying “Knew Trump was great from the beginning”. It’s kinda funny that a country that brags so much about it’s freedom is one of those countries that you can’t voice an opinion in. “I think guns are bad” “F**k you, you aren’t allowed to talk about guns that way” is essentially how it goes. Absolutely NO discussion, it’s just “F**k you, that’s wrong”

Well I think that’s all I can be bothered actually saying about this. Merica, use your second amendment for what is was made for instead of moaning like you are being spawn killed in every match you get into. Gain knowledge of all your other amendments instead of just the second one. And stop being so pissy about this whole situation.

(PS everyone who has now left America will be unable to return due to the large amounts of wall being built.)

Shadow Prologue

Have been pretty busy with everything. I managed to write a little prologue here for the other story I’m going to start posting sometime. It’s fairly unedited and I did most of it later at night when I had any time and motivation. Hope you enjoy it at least a little.



The loud smashing of doors and screams and shouts of my men echoed through the walls and ringed in my ears.

The impossibility of an individual being able to get through all my elite men and security was of a complete impossibility.

I stood behind my 2 men with their riot shields poised at the door. My entire body trembled with every slow footstep that sounded through the hallway just beyond the wall. Gunfire and the shouts of my men in the hallway shook the walls only briefly before being silenced by the subtle growl of an unholy mutt. The footsteps stopped outside the door and the handle began to turn slowly.

“FIRE!” I ordered my men.

The door shredded under the heavy firepower of machine gun fire. My men stopped firing and the door crumbled. A black mass that looked like millions of electrical sparks in a cloud began swirling and forming in the doorway and in its centre was a denser blue sphere made up of the same sparks. It formed into the shape of a person, the light blue mass around where their heart would be, and a dark purple mass where their brain would be. I jumped to the sudden sound of cracking plastic and blood spewed out of my men’s necks and they dropped lifelessly to the floor and then the things body formed, black pants with a black zipped up jacket and a hood darkening the top half of its face. The only noticeable detail of its face against the blackness was the bright white of its dreaded smile.

“Y-you, w-what unholy beast are you!?” I shouted at the thing stumbling backwards onto the carpet.

It raised its head, revealing eyes that looked as if they had been blinded by thousands of years of death.

“All your men are dead. Their corpses will forever live in these walls.” His voice was so cold it sent shivers down my spine.

I could feel my heart beating hard against my ribs. I scrambled backwards on the ground and a gun fell out of my pocket.  I snatched it and poised it at the monster and shot, but it didn’t fall. It stood there staring right at me as a black hole right between its eyes closed up. It sighed and knelt down in front of me putting its index finger right over my heart.

“I was expecting to get a little more fun out of this but your ‘elite warriors’ weren’t quite as ‘elite’ as I was told.” His voice was somewhat soothing which terrified me even further.

I felt a strange sensation where his finger was and looked down. A hole had formed in my chest, full of those same sparks that created his body earlier. The sensation spread through the bones of my arms and legs and then suddenly my heart felt like it was being lightly squeezed. I yelled as I tried to move my arms to strike but it was although my very arms themselves were locked in place. I tried to get up to run but my legs felt the same.

“Must feel horrible, to be completely helpless… kinda reminds me of how you got your men to be so ‘elite’.” After he finished he moved his face just inches away from my face.

He looked even more terrifying than I thought he could get. Pain erupted from my chest and blood splattered onto his body, my blood.

How am I still alive? I tried to talk aloud but couldn’t.

“Goodbye” I watched as the dark mist withdrew from my body and the feeling of death began to consume me. My last memory, was that of the monsters face speckled with my own blood.


A lot of things actually made me think about doing this but I don’t really want to go too in depth because no matter what you say about feminism people are going to hate you. I mean, I don’t really care that people will hate me over the internet because it’s the internet but it’s a bit annoying to have to distinguish between which comments bring anything meaningful to the table. Hopefully there won’t be that many people who see this and comment ‘kill yourself’ since I’m not that well known.

So the things that prompted me to do this was mostly to do with people not knowing what feminism actually means. Feminism has nothing to do with superiority over men it’s just about equal rights. I just went to do a search of its definition and one of the searches was ‘feminism is cancer’, seriously? It really shows how many idiots there are on the internet. The ACTUAL definition that pops up for feminism is ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.’ People are confusing feminists with feminazis. A feminazi is a VERY extreme feminist who wants superiority over men which is very different to a feminist.

Now, the other thing that also prompted me to talk about this was all the extreme psychopaths who think women should be superior over men. Well first off superiority over another type of person has been happening throughout time and it’s totally never ended badly (yea sure) so what could go wrong with women superiority?

The whole reason the word ‘feminazi’ was made was to be able to categorise the two. Feminists equal equality, feminazis equal superiority.

The same thing is happening with Muslims and terrorism. A small group of people are exercising extreme Muslim ideals when the majority of them are not. We mustn’t allow extremists in anything to diminish the values of creating equality.

Any discussion where everyone has the same opinion about things isn’t a discussion. It’s just a bunch of people talking about the same problem saying yes to each other. We need diversity. We need different sexes, different cultures, different beliefs, and of different social status, to be able to come together and find solutions that benefit everyone.


Anyone who is really extreme about anything is just annoying and not good for anyone around them. So many things are wrong with being overly obsessed with anything but that’s something I’ll talk about another day.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe have a bit less hate towards feminists and maybe try and be a bit less radical.