Titanfall2 Epicshots 1

Maybe I’ll take back what I said about liking school… Just kidding but the amount of holiday homework I got is kinda nuts.

I finally made a short little video and put it onto my youtube channel. I’ve got a ton of clips sorted them into very crappy categories so I could compile them into 5 min things easily but unfortunately thanks to the xbox dvr not recording a full 30 seconds and rather between 25-29 I have to use more than 10 clips for each.

Anyway here is the video, hope you enjoy, plz subscribe and like meh.


Chest loot randomizer – Minecraft

I wrote this post on minecraft forum because I wanted to share my version of this type of system to everyone else who might need it. I stayed up until 1:30 am because I was actually pretty motivated to get this out there. I hope that this may help some people here to.


I plan on posting more game and anime related stuff here as well as drawings I do to expand this into something more personal and so that I will have more to put on here.