Making myself more productive

It has been over a month since I last posted something. I wanted to post something every week and on THE second week I essentially gave up. I originally wanted to start writing more often not only to try and make myself more productive and push myself a bit but also to make myself feel happier. I tried really hard to write something and get it out there but I just wasn’t able to. I’ve had to resit 2 or 3 psychology assignments and tests and almost failed many more in philosophy, media etc. I got so busy that I couldn’t even play games with my friends at all for a few weeks. Everything was 100 times more difficult to do than normal. The thing I’ve been trying really hard to finish is a prologue for a tower defense game I’m planning to work on and design over my long school holidays. When I started, all I wanted was a few paragraphs, pretty short, interesting and very descriptive. When I finished those first few paragraphs however, I had to add more. It just couldn’t be completed without them. Here is a small taster to what I have, I’ll try my best to finish and release the full thing soon.

Crimson red seeped through the cloth I held tight against my arm, pooling at the inside of my elbows. My body crashed down into the ground as my legs gave in. I spat dirt and blood as I choked on my own breath. My eyes burned from the dust and debris, screams still ringing in my ears. I attempted to continue. It used all of my might just to drag my body towards a fallen tree. Shards of glass pierced my uniform as I rested against the log, but I did not flinch as my mind was already preoccupied. I carefully unwrapped my forearm. As I tore off the last section, the pain increased tenfold. Continue reading “Making myself more productive”


Motivated to be unmotivated.

It’s amazing how one short sentence can make someone feel so unmotivated.

It’s also amazing that motivation and discouragement can sometimes lead to the same result.

But what’s more amazing is how encouragement can result in becoming discouraged.

I’ve been really unmotivated lately thanks to homework, but it’s not necessarily the homework in general. Continue reading “Motivated to be unmotivated.”

Story Chapter 5

Chapter 5

I made my way down to the docks cloaked by the dim setting sun. A gentle breeze sending chills down my spine. The old wood creaked as I walked towards the large rustic ship positioned at the end of the dock.
“Is that his ship?” I asked myself.
A dark aura suddenly hit me, stopping me from reaching the vessel. The wind made the sails dance in the gentle light, making everything feel more sinister. It was as though they wanted me to come aboard, never to let me see the light of day again. Continue reading “Story Chapter 5”

I titled this well

Youtube, school, writing, etc. (Update)

On the first of February, I started year 11. Before I even started year 11 though I had to essentially write 3 different essays/assignments (well, that’s how it felt). I DID manage it… eventually… My computer was re-imaged on Thursday and I have been busy copying shit off my hard drive to be able to do my school work and write again. 


I have a few issues with youtube that I will have to continually deal with.
First one being that my videos take ages to upload. This is (obviously) because of how little upload speed I have, .7 megabits which is not even a tenth of a megabyte. Only way to solve this at all is to either upload at night or when I am at school.
Second issue I have is that I can’t get video editing software on my school laptop which means I need to use a different computer if I want to edit anything. The laptop I can use is my brothers and he has a bit of a habit of wanting to be on it when I am motivated to use it. Hopefully I’ll be able to build a PC sometime soonish.
Finally, I don’t have a recording software on my laptop nor do I have a capture card on my xbox, so the only way for me to get footage is to record using the xboxDVR or an external camera, and lets face it, the quality of that is horrid. An external camera is the only way I can record mic without trying to record audio on another device then try and fit together. If anyone knows of any way to record party audio on the XboxOne please let me know, it would be extremely appreciated.
Oh god this is already longer than I thought it would be

Despite all this I will be trying hardish to get videos out there.
I have decided to try expand my content to all sorts of things I enjoy doing. Discussing my opinion on different things, regular gaming, and now analysis of the intros of different animes I have watched.
I may change my content in the future.


From the looks of it thus far, school is going to be a little bit of a bag of dicks, here’s why.
For every lesson I have on Psychology I have to read/watch these videos and pages then write notes on it all, prior to the lesson. I have 3 lessons every week so I am writing around a page of notes each week while also adding words to a glossary. On top of this I have a few students in my grade that I dislike quite a bit and my teacher seems very set in her ways.
For Maths there is a chance that I will get a lot of homework but that might also depend on what I finish in class. Hopefully I won’t get any homework apart from stuff I didn’t finish during class. If I keep a neat ‘cheat book’ for exams I won’t need to study too much as well. My class is very noisy which could be problematic.
With Media I will have quite a few assignments, I’m going to assume a lot of analysis, and I think there is one where you choose between a short film or a poster. My teacher seems pretty good and my class is alright at least.
In IT I have to keep a site running and change it overtime in order to pass which will be a bit of a pain. Thanks to my prior knowledge in coding from randomly reading code and then also doing lots of coding in minecraft I am learning HTML, CSS and java coding quite quickly which is good.
With Philosophy it should be quite easy going, just need to make sure I remember stuff for the exams and write down all the notes I need to in class.
English will be difficult as there are lots of assignments, exams, essays, oral presentations etc and if I fail English I will have to repeat. My class seems decent at least.
Finally, social aspects of school will probably be interesting as I have been posting links to any videos or posts I put up on here or youtube to my facebook which has maybe 90% of the students in my year level. I also want to write and draw more often which means I need to take time out of something and right now, the only thing that I can cut back on is gaming since I can’t take random days off school nor can I not do homework or sleep. 


With my writing, I really want to improve and write as much as I can, I love writing opinion stuff because it allows me to prove to myself how well I actually can analyse different aspects of peoples lives and also see how my opinion evolves overtime. I love arguments/discussions because it allows me to hear different opinions which then lets me analyse my own again and be able to improve it.
The thing I would really enjoy doing is create and express a story to people, that’s why I enjoy writing short stories so much. I want to get better at drawing so I can create comics/mangas.
The comic that I started last year I may try continuing at some point but I will not be using colour as it takes twice as long to get the right shade just to realize I don’t like it.


Well since it’s summer I’m going to be even less motivated to do much of anything. My grandpa died quite recently so on Sunday we dropped off my mum at the airport because she is going to South Africa for the week. Feel a bit traumatized from the holiday homewrok still. I pre-ordered Halo Wars 2 the other day after playing the blitz beta. I’m going to try get into reading a chapter of a book every week or so. I’m incapable of streaming as my internet is too shit which is pretty annoying. I’ve started trying to teach myself guitar and I’ve gotten pretty decent. 
Despite the difficulties and stresses of school and life I am sure I will be able to get through.