April 29th Writing Challenge

So… I failed.

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April 24th Writing Challenge

I went and watched RAMPAGE tonight. It was pretty good. It was a kind of classical monster movie and it was quite nice in that aspect.

It was a lot more bloody and gruesome than I expected it to be. Soon as the monsters appeared there were people being eaten, torn apart, blood splats, teeth.

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April 23rd Writing Challenge

Pretty recently I found out that it was revealed that that purple haired lady in Star Wars: The Last Jedi was actually force sensitive. I think it said that the actress revealed it in an interview I don’t really remember that much. I do remember her saying something about her being calculatedor accurate or something because of the ‘force’.

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April 22nd Writing Challenge

I didn’t manage to edit the video what so ever. Also didn’t manage to make any images today. I had to do a practice essay for English on Medea, what fun that was! I don’t feel any better after doing it. I don’t feel like I even did anything today, it feels like it was just a waste of a day. I still have a bloody headache from doing it. Continue reading “April 22nd Writing Challenge”

April 20th Writing Challenge

Almost forgot to write this tonight. I’ve been working hard on the ‘script’ for the skit I’m filming tomorrow. It’s essentially finished, I will just look at it with friends tomorrow when they come over to help me film it all. I will hopefully film everything I need for it tomorrow and then begin editing it the next day and finish all the editing before Friday next week. Continue reading “April 20th Writing Challenge”